Center of Excellence in Education
Ain Shams University

Global interest has increased recently in establishing centers of excellence in universities, given the important and distinguished role that these centers play in several fields, perhaps the most important of which are preparing and developing human resources, conducting and applying research, and providing and enriching community services. This is often done within a framework of international, regional, and local cooperation.


Center of Excellence in Education (CEE)

The establishment of the Center for Educational Excellence in the Faculty of Education - Ain Shams University comes to represent an academic, educational and service organizational unit in the college, concerned with achieving excellence in preparing educational researchers, conducting applied educational research, and serving the community at the local and regional levels, benefiting from cooperation with some universities in developed countries.

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Technical Support on learning loss 2022
Center of Excellence in Education seeks to become a recognized leading expert house and an academic exemplar that achieves excellence and innovation in all pathways of Education, human development and community service elevating its services to the international benchmarking.
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To develop education, training and human development programs through providing technical consultations, and comprehensive educational and pedagogical theories and studies.
To support the professional competencies development of teachers, researchers and leaders through qualification and capacity building programs. To reinforce the quality and assurance system within educational institutions.
To enhance collaboration with national, regional, and international strategic partnerships to carry out educational and developmental projects and contribute to sustainable development.
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The idea of establishing the center stems from several justifications and reasons, the most important of which are the following:

1. There is a desire to build partnerships and extend bridges of communication with local, regional and international educational organizations, and to consolidate cooperation with some foreign universities to benefit from their advanced expertise.
2. The importance of establishing a network of professional relationships with educational and pedagogical institutions inside and outside Egypt.
3. Keeping pace with international standards in the areas of comprehensive quality and educational excellence, to develop the effectiveness of educational and pedagogical institutions.
4. The necessity of having electronic education systems, virtual environments, computerized programs, services, and activities, and developing methods for employing information and communications technology in the fields of education and training.
5. There is a desire to establish an Egyptian house of expertise in the educational, research and service fields. It achieves the ambitions of the Egyptian and Arab educational sector, and competes with foreign expertise houses.
6. Confronting national issues and real problems in the field of education, with what the center can contribute in terms of distinguished educational services that focus on creative solutions and developing the educational process.

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Dr. Ahmed Saed
CEE Director
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CEE Administrative Director
Mr. Sadek Mahmoud
Ms.Marwa Fathy
Dr. Amal Farghaly
Ms. Yassmine Mohamed
Mr.Mostafa Abdelrazik